Free and Easy: Rotary Table Prototype

We've just got the rotary table prototype model working for the first time today (20th March 2000). Here are a few pictures of it (click on them for larger versions). Lower down this page there are links to some mpegs of it running.

Here are the mpegs. The first three are 320 by 240 pixels so the files are relatively large. The remainder are 160 by 120 pixels so they are smaller, but it's harder to see what's going on.

A full square(1402k)
Close up(471k)
Not so close up(475k)

A full square(696k)
Start of a line (120k)
Middle of a line (120k)
Close up (120k)

Click here for a picture illustrating how a more robust table might be constructed, and here to see how a cheap (30UKP) plunge router can be used to provide a cutting tool for the miller as well as providing Z axis movement without the use of expensive linear slides or ballscrews.

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